[FDA APPROVED] Disposable Face Masks 3 Layers (5 masks in the pack)

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Operation Manual of Disposable Face Mask

Product Name: Disposable Face Mask / Unified Social Credit Code: 91320402MA1n183U15  Product Code: Non-sterile, earloop, 17.5x9.5cm Usage Scope: Prospective mask worn in air pollution environments in daily life to filter particles. Usage Method: 1)Unfold folds to make the mask extended completely 2)Put the mask close to face and make the nasal clip be against the nose beam 3)Make the mask wrap the face and wear the ear loop 4)Pull the lower part of the mask to the lower jaw to ensure large-area protection 5)You should check the air-tightness every time after you put it on: Cover your nose and mouth with hands and expire. If you feel that there is an air leak from the nasal clip, you need to adjust the nasal clip again. If the air-tightness cannot be guaranteed, please don't go to dangerous places by wearing the mask Contraindications: People allergic to propane non-woven should use the mask with caution.

Precautions and warning information: 1)Masks with damage single package or surface break should not be used 2)The product is disposable and should not be used repeatedly 3)Please use the product immediately after unpacking 4)The mask should be worn inside out 5)Please compact the nose beam part, in case of leak 6)Masks polluted or damaged or broken should be replaced timely.

Valid period: The validity period of the product is 3 years Storage conditions: The product should be stored indoors with relative humidity, not exceeding 80% and good ventilation and without etchant gas. 
The product should not be extruded seriously during transportation, in case of the package damage

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